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Alexander Sharpe Bridal work with you and your wedding budget.


Almost every bride will require bridal alterations.  From re-sizing to shortening a hem or simply adding a bustle to hook up the train.  The alterations process is essential to ensure you have the perfect fit and look for your big day. ​


It can be difficult for us to quote alteration costs without fitting you.  If you are able to provide some photos of yourself in your dress we would happily supply an estimate quote via what's app business messaging. ​

Tel: 07854 716 348



As a general guideline, bridal alterations at Alexander Sharpe Bridal typically range from £350 to £500. However, please keep in mind that this range can vary slightly based on factors such as the dress style, fabric, beading, and lace involved.

To provide you with a more specific estimate, let's consider a scenario where alterations on a plain simple dress include shortening thin straps, taking in the bodice, shortening the hem, and adding a bustle. In such a case, the cost would typically be around £350.


It's important to note that the final cost may vary depending on the specific areas that require altering (as each area is charged separately) plus the fabric and details of your dress may be more intricate and require more time for the adjustments (lace and beaded). Its worth noting that if the bride would like full lace sleeves made then this could add another £300 - £500 onto that cost.  

Each area is charged separately, therefore

the less you have done the lower the cost will be.

When booking your fitting through our online system, there is a £60 fee to secure your appointments. This fee covers the cost of both your first and second fitting, ensuring a professional fitting service.  Extra fittings are charged at £30 each.


Please remember that these prices are provided as a general guide and are subject to change based on the specific alterations required for your dress.

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